Ultimate Amateur Series FAQ

Ultimate Amateur Series FAQ

May 6 2014

As we approach the final round of the Ultimate Amateur Series we wanted to post some frequently asked questions that may help you get through the final round coming up this Sunday!

How do I pick the age group I should race - At the beginning of the series we determined that a racer shall race the entire series at the age they were at as of the first round on Feb 23rd. We are aware this may conflict with AMA rules and class schedules and we will consider a new rule at the next series.
How do trophies work in the PeeWee Class** - All first place overall finishers will receive a plaque. All other riders in the PeeWee classes will receive a medallion participation medal.
How do trophies work in other classes** - All classes will trophy up to 40% or 3rd place whichever is the lower position.
Will it help if I pre register** - You will save $5 per class and $10 on transponder rental. Pre register and save! CLICK HERE

What if a racer has raced a more advanced class at another series- If you would like to protest a rider in a class please bring the information to the sign-up area and tell the people at registration. We will review any documentation that supports the rider having been in another series in a more advanced class and look at their position in our series. If a riders lap times reflect an unfair advantage consistently or if the Race Director visually sees sand bagging a rider will be moved up immediately. If a rider is fairly paced with the class they are racing but still winning it is likely they will be asked to move up at the end of the season. If a rider is still placing mid pack they will be permitted to stay in the class. UAS has a few classes that other promoters don't use. Ultimately we look to see that riders are not sandbagging or dropping down a class unfairly.

How do I enter to win the Grand Prize Walter's Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van - You must have entered to race all 5 rounds of the series and you must be present to win at the final round May 11th. Your name will be entered based on your entries and an extra ticket will be added for each time you practiced at Milestone MX or Perris Raceway from Feb 23rd - May 9th.

When will I get the van - The winning name and presentation of the Grand Prize will happen at the final race on May 11th. During normal business hours winner will be required to go to Walter's Mercedes Sprinter in Riverside to sign final paperwork of ownership and title. Ultimate Amateur Series will pay for all tax and license at the time of sale and winner will get Grand Prize for zero dollars out of their pocket! Winner will be responsible for all maintenance, registration, insurance and future costs of vehicle.

What about the custom graphics - Winner of the Grand Prize will be required by contract to keep custom graphics wrap on vehicle for at least one year. UAS will create a unique numberplate logo with name and number of the winner to add to the back door of the van.

Will there be prizes at the final round besides the Grand Prize - Ton's of prizes! We are giving away a ton of prizes from all our sponsors at the final round! Tickets will be selected at random and winners will have the chance to come up and pick a prize. The prize pool will be on a first come first serve basis and the first name drawn will have first opportunity to pick the prize of their choice. The final winner picked will have the final choice of the last remaining item.

What do we get if we are the series champion for our class - To be eligible for a title you must have raced in at least four rounds. Points will be determined by dropping the low score or scoring off the four rounds you attended. All champions will receive a custom made snapback hat with race logo's and "Champion" built in to the design. Each champion will also receive a free rear tire from Dunlop. Tire must be chosen from inventory provided.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the first annual Ultimate Amateur Series! Thanks to you it's been an amazing bunch of races and thanks to the sponsors we have been able to give away a ton of great prizes with more to come at the final round! See you at Milestone MX this Sunday!

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