Ultimate Am Series Points, Pre Reg and Pics!

Ultimate Am Series Points, Pre Reg and Pics!

Mar 5 2016

Pics from Round #2 of the Ultimate Amateur Series can be found by CLICKING HERE!

Series results after two rounds can be found if you CLICK HERE

You can now also sign up for Round #3 at Milestone MX which will be on Sunday April 3rd. CLICK HERE

Ultimate Amateur Series is all about the racers. Everything the series makes from entry fees goes right back into prizes we give back to the racers! We give away a Yamaha Motorcycle at every round! We give away a Toyota of Escondido Tacoma at the end of the series! We have tons of great sponsors that give away loads of great prizes at every stop as well.

Ultimate Amateur Series is also one of the most affordable races around! With pre entry savings you get a race that is run professionally and organized. We offer 52 different race classes so everyone has a chance to compete where they are comfortable from PeeWee True Beginner all the way to Pro. Spectators do not get charged to hang out at Saturday practice! Two classes will only run you $55. We also trophy 40% of each class where most events only do 30% and we make sure every PeeWee rider goes home with a medal.

Our sponsor support is amazing and most of them also get out there and ride or race during the weekend as well. We would like to thank ARMA Energy, MX PRO PARTS, Toyota of Escondido, Yamaha Motorcycles, Dunlop Tires, Niagara Water, Alias, Spoke Skins, Motool, MXATV.com, Rock Tape, Slick Products, NoToil, 100% and MX KIDZ.

When you have a choice to go to one race or the other we hope you choose Ultimate Amateur Series because of all we do to give back. Just because a race costs more doesn't mean it's better! See you all April 3rd! Thank you.

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