SX Practice and Monster Cup Riders

SX Practice and Monster Cup Riders

Oct 1 2014

With SX coming fast and Monster Cup right around the corner we know there are a lot of guys who want to get on the Public SX track at Milestone MX. To keep it safe to all riders it is required that you hold a AMA Pro license to get on the track. You will be asked to show this card at the front booth or a email confirmation that you will be picking yours up at the next race. If you can provide evidence and proof that you will be riding at Anaheim 1 but do not have a current license in hand then we can get you cleared to ride. Just please help us gather the facts and understand the schedule for your rider.

After 2:00pm Monster Cup invited Amateur Allstars are welcome to come get practice. On Wednesdays after 2:00pm the Monster Cup invited Supermini riders are allowed to practice.

We are currently working on allowing non pro's who are going through Arenacross on the track on Fridays, but that schedule has not started yet. We are happy to know that we built a good track and everyone wants to ride it. There are policies in place to protect riders safety that we must follow.

Thank you

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