Product Report: DVS Rehab

Product Report: DVS Rehab

Mar 10 2011

The Goods:


DVS Rehab


DVS is known for being one of the core skate shoe companies that stay true to there grassroot followers. They went a little out of there realm of there standard skate shoe to create a light weight canvas shoe.

The Good

  • Lightweight design fit super comfortably

  • Compared to other canvas shoes the Rehab is reasonably priced

  • True to size

  • Super Stylish

The Bad

  • No arch support makes them a little tough to wear all day long

  • Not the warmest shoe


This is a stylish canvas shoe that is perfect for the consumer that dislikes the "bulky" skate shoe. This will be my first choice of kicks on the weekend where you will find me cruising down the beach on a long board.

Hit Up: www.dvsshoes.com

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