Opt in now for text info on Milestone MX!

Opt in now for text info on Milestone MX!

Feb 27 2013

It has come to our attention that not all our "likes" see our messages when we post them on the facebook page unless we pay facebook extra. We also are constantly getting "I didn't know that" from our members at the gate. In an effort to always keep you informed we have started a text info opt in number that will never leave you guessing if we are open after a rain, or which track is open, or what race event is coming. We will keep these messages super limited to only the most important info so that we don't "blow you up" but it seems the only way to directly reach our members is by text.

Please opt in by texting the short code number 33938 and the keyword message Milestonemx (caps or lowercase does not matter).

You can opt out at any time. We look at this as an added service to our members! Thank you.

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