New Milestone Policies

Jun 30 2011

Due to the on going security issues Milestone's Management has decided to change our gate entry policy. 

Effective immediately Milestone's new entry policy will be as follows:

Everyone must be a member unless you are out of state we will no longer allow non-member riders 

Everyone one coming through the front gate must have some form of identification. If you can't identify your self properly at the front gate you will not be allowed in.

All spectator vehicles that do not have a bike or person riding with them will have to pay a $10.00 parking fee. (There will be some exception for media and industry people but all industry and media personnel must have a business card on hand in order to avoid this fee.)

We will be hiring 2 security guards to be on duty at all times. They will be roaming around the pits helping control the out of control pit riding as well as monitoring the pits keeping an eye out for peoples belongings. They will also have the right revoke someones membership if an individual is not complying with all park rules.

A surveillance system has been installed at our front gate so all members be alert of what's going on and report all suspicious vehicle to our staff members.

All of these changes will be enforced immediately we apologize in advance if there is any inconvenience to our members but hope it will put an end to all the security issues.

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