New Camping/Closing Rules

Mar 29 2011

Extended Camping Canceled

Due to security reasons As of April 1, 2011 we will be changing our camping policy. Camping will only be allowed Friday and Saturday night. There will be no more camping available during the week. We apologize for the inconvenience but we have had several issues with campers in a short period of time that force us to take these measures.
For those of you who still choose to come out and camp on Friday and Saturday night the following camping rules apply: Riding fees must be paid upon arrival and you must purchase riding wristbands for all of the days that you will be staying in advance. Failure to so may void may void future camping privileges and or membership to the park. Milestone Ranch MX Park, Inc. is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property. Loud Music after 10:00pm is prohibited. All campfires must be in a contain fire pit. Floor fires will not be allowed. Parking space is available on a first come first serve basis any issues regarding parking will be resolved by management. The dumping of grey water and or black water is illegal and therefore will not be tolerated if there is any grey/black water dumped around your campsite you will be immediately removed from the premises with out a refund, you will be permanently banned from the facility and you will be subject to a clean up bill.
Once again we apologized in advance to all of our loyal members who will be affected by this decision however due to lack of respect others have shown to our facility we are force to do so.

Gate Closing Time

Be advised that also for security reason our main gate will be closing at 10:00pm sharp everyday Monday-Friday. For those of you not camping you will need to pack up and leave the premises with in a half hour after closing time to avoid getting lock in.
Once again we apologized for the inconvenience however these are measures we have to take for security purposes.



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