Mar 5 2012

FAST, the Federation of Athletes, Sponsors, & Tracks is a new Federation dedicated to expanding the sport of Motocross through benefits for Athletes, Sponsors, & Tracks.

For the Athletes: FAST is focused on providing the Riders with safety, discounts, and a quality riding experience while at the FAST Tracks. With our 45,000+ Membership base the FAST Athlete is the most important part of the motocross industry. The FAST Athlete is the person buying the bikes, the gear, the aftermarket parts, and ultimately supports the entire industry. FAST is here to recognize the support you give, and give back. For the Sponsors: FAST is here to connect the industry to the athletes. Buying a billboard or giving away stickers is not quality interactions with the athletes. FAST Sponsors will have a direct relationship to the athletes by their involvement at the FAST Tracks and FAST Races. By getting the product in the athletes hands and on their bikes the interaction becomes more tactile and real. For the Tracks: FAST is the Largest Motocross Membership on the West Coast. With 45,000+ FAST Athletes it turns into a substantial constituent base in Southern California that can have an influence to local governments that may be putting external pressure on your track. FAST is here to keep tracks open and operational by way of proper EPA reporting and data collection, interaction with the rider base offering discounts to your best riders, and by connecting Sponsors to the Tracks in a positive dynamic relationship that benefits everyone involved. There is power in numbers and organization, anti-motocross groups to this point have been more organized and act every chance they get. By being a FAST Track the FAST organization is here to support your efforts.

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