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Jul 21 2016

An announcement was made earlier this week that there will be an increase in practice fees by $5. Many tracks have independently chosen to make this change. Since the announcement other tracks not mentioned in the initial statement have also announced that they will voluntarily do the same. This wasn't a decision that was taken lightly but it is supported and overdue by the increased cost to do business. There has been several riders from outside our area stating that they pay even more to ride their local tracks who do not offer daily practice or track prep.

Milestone MX and Perris Raceway offer more discounts and savings opportunities than any other track. We also operate race events at a cost to our business just to give away tons of sponsorship prizes, five brand new motorcycles and a new truck in just the last year. In the past three years we have given away a Sprinter Van, two Toyota Tacoma trucks and over 8 new motorcycles. Our track record shows a large amount of support to the industry and our members.

Milestone MX and Perris Raceway also offer a unique program called the Unlimited MX Pass which offers yet another form of savings to riders who get out there and ride more than twice a month. This is also accepted at 212 Land. This pass system will go through a change as well which also reflects the increased cost to do business. All passes old and new will go to $80 a month as stated earlier on their recurring billing cycle after August 1st. The benefits of the pass are still significant especially for multi rider families. If you have any questions about your pass please email info@unlimitedmx.com and your message will be answered promptly.

So, in more detail the gate fees will break down as such gong forward:

PeeWee riders (50cc chassis designed bikes regardless of engine mods) - $25
Fire, Police and Military with active duty ID - $25
All general public practice fees - $30
Riders celebrating their birthday will get one week before or one week after to use one free ride day
All Unlimited Monthly Passes will go to $80 per month after Aug. 1st.
Supercross practice fees will be $65 when the track is in season.
Spectator fees will stay at $10

Milestone MX and Perris Raceway also offered a membership program which is a source of confusion for many members. As of today no riders will be asked to pay for a renewal of their membership. The forms will still be required as a insurance necessity, but there will no longer be a fee attached.

We understand that these changes are not popular, however we have made this difficult decision so that we can continue to offer multiple tracks for all ages and skill levels seven days a week in close proximity to a large demographic of enthusiasts. We will also continue our Mini only night at Perris on Tuesday and programs like the Unlimited MX Pass which offer savings to people who ride more than twice a month.

Thank you for supporting the tracks.

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