Miss Milestone Invitational Contest

Miss Milestone Invitational Contest

Nov 4 2013

If you would like to be selected as Miss Milestone Invitational please submit 3 pictures to info@milestonemx.com ASAP! All entries will be reviewed by our committee and the top five will be chosen. The final results will be based off a facebook poll of the public! Winner will be chosen to be the podium and 30 Sec girl and you will get mass exposure in MX media and coverage of the event.

UPDATE 11/5/13 The winner of the Miss Milestone Invitational will receive a grand prize that includes a photo shoot and video on www.TransworldMotocross.com and a chance to be included in the Transworld Motocross Magazine Monthly Poster!

All entrants must be over 18 years old. All images sent may be used in the future promotion of this contest only.


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