Milestone Pro SX Invitational - Cancelled

Dec 13 2014

Just in case you missed the announcement early this morning we are devastated to report that the Milestone Pro SX Invitational will be cancelled. We looked at every opportunity including pushing it to next weekend (There is another storm and 70% chance of rain next Sat), but the dirt is too soft for us to get the equipment on today. We will spend all day tomorrow to get it rideable for Monday practice but unfortunately the race is off.

Milestone Pro SX Invitational - 0
Mother Nature - 1

Thank you for your support!

Good news is that the Main Track is prepped and drying out as we type this and will be great for the real MX riders out there. We are still working on the Vet but conditions will be soft and rutted if we can get that open as well. Main Track for sure will be open.

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