Grand Opening Red Bull Straight Rhythm

Grand Opening Red Bull Straight Rhythm

Sep 17 2014

A year ago a concept was introduced by Red Bull called Straight Rhythm that had never been seen in real life action before. It instantly reminded everyone of video game style riding from the classic Excitebike and current Mad Skills app. Riders and fans welcomed and enjoyed the new style of format with open arms and luck for us, thanks to Red Bull we all get the chance to see it in person this year.

Inspired by the pro race which happens October 4th at Pomona Fairgrounds and the new partnership between Red Bull and Milestone MX our track decided to build our own tamed down version of a Straight Rhythm course that would be open to the public to try out and get the experience of riding a 1/3rd mile course with no turns, just rhythm.

Saturday September 20th is the Grand Opening of the course at Milestone MX and we are looking forward to a huge day of riding and fun. All tracks will be open for practice, but we know a lot of attention will be given to the Straight Rhythm track. Red Bull has invited out James and Malcolm Stewart to show everyone how it's done along with Jessy Nelson and other top pro riders. For the public we will start out slow and allow one rider at a time a chance to run the course. As the day goes on and riders get more confident we will allow riders to try out the full on head to head format. All riders are welcome to come and try out Straight Rhythm with their normal paid gate entry to Milestone MX or current FAST Pass membership which also includes all day access to the Main, Vet, Beginner, PeeWee and Mini tracks. All spectators are free. AMA licensed pro riders are invited to ride the Straight Rhythm course for free and normal fees on all other tracks.

To make it a party we are also going to have a few of the top brands hanging out so whether you are spectating or riding you wont want to be anywhere else this Saturday. Red Bull is also providing free BBQ to the first 200 people through the front gate and some great giveaways with product from the companies who will be in attendance including Toyota of Escondido, Fox, Von Zipper, Fasthouse, FMF, Rekluse, Leatt,and Surface Sun Systems. You can pick up your free raffle ticket at the Red Bull MXT vehicle.

Tickets to the official Red Bull Straight Rhythm event which features 32 of the top riders in the world in a head to head bracket format at Pomona Fairgrounds on October 4th are on sale now for only $20. Get yours today and bring proof of purchase with you to the Milestone MX ride day. Red Bull will award you with two extra tickets for the ride days raffle giving you better chances of taking home some cool swag. Buy your tickets by CLICKING HERE.

Schedule for September 20th Red Bull Straight Rhythm Ride Day at Milestone MX:

8:00 am Gates Open
9:00 am Normal Tracks Open
9:40 James Stewart RBSR Track Test
10:00 Rider’s Meeting // RBSR Track Open
12:00 BBQ Lunch
12:45 Sponsor Product Raffle
4:00 Milestone MX closes

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Milestone MX this Saturday!

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