Confirmed Riders for MonarchMoto Pro Super-X Invitational

Confirmed Riders for MonarchMoto Pro Super-X Invitational

Dec 4 2013


MonarchMoto Pro SX Invitational at Milestone MX 12/14/13:

Riverside, CA – Less than a month ago it was announced Milestone MX would be hosting a Pro Super X Invitational on Dec 14th and since that time we have secured MonarchMoto as the title sponsor and a list of top riders willing to battle for a $10,000 prize purse and $2,500 in holeshot awards! MonarchMoto is a brand new, action sports apparel and lifestyle line based out of SoCal with patented technology infused into pieces of their clothing.

Inspired by the history of the GFI Supercross Invitational’s that were hosted at Perris Raceway in the 90’s, Milestone MX will host a Pro Invitational SX race on Saturday December 14th , 2013. We are even bringing in Larry “Moto Mouth” Huffman to announce with Randy Roberts (Idiot Boyz) and Goat Breker himself will be there to present the briefcase full of cash!

The format for the MonarchMoto Pro Super-X Invitational will start with 16 riders in separate 450 and 250 classes. Each race will have four riders battling for track position in short sprint races. Eight laps in the ¼ and Semi Motos and 12 laps in the Main Event. There will also be a last chance qualifier for those who don’t make it out of the Semi’s. Five riders in the Main Events will be competing to win their part of a $10,000 Pro Purse and $2,500 in holeshot awards!

For even more entertainment and racing Buddy Antunez and Nathan Ramsey’s Road 2 Pro organization will be inviting a special class of Amateur All-Stars! Confirmed riders include Andrew Silverstein, Jeremy Burns, Axel Hodges, Zack Cummings, Thomas Covington, Ryan Surratt, Rookie White and more!

Confirmed riders for the pro class include: David Pulley, Colton Aeck, Justin Lee, Shawn Rhinehart, Ryder Steffy, Alex Nagy, Cooper Webb, Brett Hottel, Brandon Scharer, Austin Politelli, Nick Schmidt, Dominic Desimone, Emil Foldager, Daniel Meynet, Josh Greco, Jared Hicks, Austin Howell, Tevin Tapia, Kyle Partridge, Matt Goerke, Vince Friese, Kinser Endicott, PJ Larson, Weston Peick, Jason Lawrence, Brett Metcalf, Nick Wey, Will Hahn and more!

The vendor list has grown as well and there will be plenty of brands on site helping you with smokin’ deals on that last minute holiday shopping. In attendance will be Red Bull, Berts Mega Mall, REC MX, Motocross Boss, SPY, 100%, Scorpion, AAA, Spoke Skins, Road2Recovery, MB1 Suspension, Action Sports Canopies, Klen Laundry, Bazzaz, Alias and more!

Tickets for the MonarchMoto Pro Super-X Invitational are available for only $15 the day of the event. All tracks will be open for practice as well so bring your bike and get some laps at the discounted price!

Make sure you visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/milestonemx and vote on the Miss MonarchMoto Invitational girl who will be the 30 second board girl for the race!

Race fans around the world will get up-close and behind-the-scenes access, thanks to remote location production solutions and technology provided by Oomba.tv, a new, innovative live-streaming platform. “We’re excited to now incorporate our technology and webcast capabilities into a high-speed and fiercely competitive event, and in all kinds of ways we know diehard motocross fans will really appreciate,” said Michael Williams, CEO of Oomba Inc. “We look forward to streaming the action from Riverside, California on December 14th to fans all over the world.”

About MonarchMoto: Setting Fires, taking risks, and not apologizing for $h!t. MonarchMoto is a brand new, action sports apparel and lifestyle line based out of SoCal with patented technology infused into pieces of our clothing. MonarchMoto has defined itself as not only a clothing line, but a way of life. Via social media, MonarchMoto has been able to identify and brand itself as a company that encourages its fans, followers, and more importantly - FRIENDS - to risk everything and never look back. MonarchMoto is now. Make sure to follow @MonarchMoto on Instagram

About Oomba.TV: Oomba, Inc. is a specialized social media company that is creating an interactive social network for tournaments, leagues and teams. Oomba revolutionizes how people organize sports and games by melding software as a service with a social network. Oomba.tv is the company’s new, innovative live-streaming platform for tournaments and competitions of all types and sizes. Based in Irvine, Calif., the company was founded by Michael Williams, CEO, founder of Planetwide Games and Tremor Entertainment. Aiding Williams in the creative development of Oomba is co-founder and visionary, Nolan Bushnell, famed video game developer and founder of both Atari and Chuck E. Cheese restaurants. For more information about Oomba Inc., visit www.oomba.com.

About Milestone MX: Offering more riding than any other public MX facility, with Main, Vet, Beginner, Minibike, PeeWee and Pro SX tracks open 7 days a week! Visit www.milestonemx.com for upcoming events and a full weekly practice schedule. Like us at www.facebook.com/milestonemx and follow us on Instagram @MilestoneMX.


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