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2016 Ultimate Amateur Series Round 1

2016 Ultimate Amateur Series Round 1

Feb 6th, 2016

Pre reg is open! Make sure and take advantage of the $15 savings and an extra $5 per additional class! This weekend is a double header at Milestone with TWMXS on Sunday so make a weekend out of it and hang out with Milestone MX!!!

This is year three for the Ultimate Amateur Series! We will be giving away major prizes once again including a Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner from Toyota of Escondido! You must race all 5 rounds to qualify. Yamaha will also be supporting the series in a big way! We are giving away a 2016 YZF 250 at the first round! Everyone who races will qualify and we will give away a bike at every round!

To win the grand prizes you will receive an entry for each class you sign up. We will automatically enter you based on registration for the series. Each time you practice at Milestone MX or Perris Raceway from 1/12/16 your name will be added into the final drawing and once again you don't have to do a thing. You must race in all five rounds to qualify for the grand prizes. The more you practice at Milestone and Perris and the more classes you enter the more chances you have to win! The Yamaha's will also be entries based on your race sign up. The more classes you race the better chance you have to win!

All races will be scored electronically with the help of the team who scores TWMXS. See you there!


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