What's New?

  • Footage from this weekend's Gold Cup

    Feb 1 2011
    Check out this video taken this weekend out here at the 2nd round of the California Gold Cup.
  • Rain Update

    Jan 31 2011
    Due to the rain we will ben opening one track at a time starting with the vet at about 10:00 A.M.
  • Mx-Racer's Spring Series

    Mx-Racer's Spring Series

    Jan 17 2011
    Mx-Racer's Spring Series will be coming to Milestone this weekend for some fun bar banging action, don't miss out. Weekend… Read More
  • Team Milestone at A1 this weekend!

    Team Milestone at A1 this weekend!

    Jan 7 2011
    In our on going effort to help out the guys that help us stay in business, Milestone is proud to present our two riders for… Read More
  • Milestone Back in Action

    Jan 4 2011
    After working on our tracks all night long our track crew was able to get our entire facility back in riding condition. All… Read More
  • Track Hours

    Jan 1 2011
    MAIN/VET 8:00-4:00P.M. Beginner Track 12:00-4:00P.M. Pee-Wee 10:00-4:00P.M. Pit Bike 8:00-4:00P.M.
  • Vet Track Open at 1:00

    Dec 30 2010
    Vet Track Open at 1:00 Today