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  • Tracks Closed to the public 2/18

    Tracks Closed to the public 2/18

    Feb 18 2018
    All tracks are closed today due to TWMXRS El Dorado. $10 gate fee for everyone coming to watch
  • Track Rules

    Jan 15 2018
    It has always been the rule of the track that no spectators are allowed beyond the fences. Unfortunately people have… Read More
  • Only SX Open Today

    Jan 11 2018
    As hard as we tried the main track and Vet track will not open today. It’s just to soupy out there right now. Pro… Read More
  • Closed today, Happy Thanksgiving

    Closed today, Happy Thanksgiving

    Nov 23 2017
    Happy turkey Day! We will be closed today so our staff members can enjoy the day with their loved ones. Have a good day, and… Read More


    Oct 31 2017
    Welcome Race Fans! Mini Major 2017 is here and we have three links of updates for everything you need to know regarding the… Read More
  • Special hours and track changes

    Special hours and track changes

    Jun 29 2017
    Couple things coming up next week that will mix up the normal schedule. July 3 & 4 Main Track will be closed for major… Read More
  • Wednesday Combined Tracks Are Back!

    Apr 4 2017
    As we typically do around this time of year Milestone MX prepares riders for outdoor racing. To do this we combine the Main… Read More